Tools and more
Button ""

Add this link to your Bookmarks Bar

if you want to post directly from any website

Drag the button "" to the Favorites bar in your browser to be able to add entries directly from any website to your list on You need to display your Favorites bar if you should not see it.
Now click on the "" button and drag it to any place on the bar.
"Follow me" button for websites
Please install one of the below codes on your website. Depending on which one you selected a “Follow me” button will appear and will lead your visitors directly to your profile page.
“” button for websites
If you install the "" button for websites in you online shop next to products or at any other place on any kind of your internet website, then your visitors and customers get easily post products or images directly onto their lists on
URL of the page
Image URL
Posts Count
" . $base_url . "
Add this code to your site.

Add this link to your page, right where you want the button to appear

Add this code to your page only once, directly above the closing </BODY> tag

The “” button works similar to e.g. Facebook’s “Share” button and installing it will additionally increase visibility of your products and website on the Internet.

We recommend that you add the optional description.